In Action
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Here’s a quick look at our most recent work

Cannes Lions


At the invitation of Cannes Lions, INTER:SECT curated and produced a thoughtful conversation on brand activism & accountability in the moment of global protests surrounding the murder of George Floyd. We invited Malcolm Jenkins, Ben Crump, Jabari Paul and David Kim to dive into the importance of what is to believe to be a radical shift in culture as it relates to justice and equality. The result was a wise and profound dialogue that became one of the most watched sessions of the entire LIONS Live Festival.



Working with a group of college students from across the country, INTER:SECT established Pact2Act to empower and unite the voices of consumers to encourage brand activism and accountability. Using the megaphone of social media, consumers will make it clear that taking a definitive, positive stand for justice and equality is now a condition for brand loyalty. The goal is to mobilize consumers to use the power of their dollar and influence to define what is expected of the brands they use by requiring them to be allies of action, not just in statements and ads, but in dollars and deeds.


Don’t Drop the Ball. Vote! is a virtual voter registration initiative exploring the state of racial injustice in cities across America and encouraging fans to exercise their power by voting as a direct means to improve conditions.